Great Beginnings

what is this feeling?
from what mystery does it arise?
it’s unlike any other i experience,
now or then.
what is love?
why is there only one word for it?
this is certainly a case in which
one is not enough.

strongly emotive
a way that has not passed by for some time
but almost too much good.
what to do with this good?
where to put it? where to put me when it is here?

the feelings burst out of me in all directions,
flowing on until their will dries up, runs out,
out the door and they’re gone
constant, continuous, unknowable motion
until they next decide to visit me
sometime in the distance.

burst too explosive a word
spouting out of a fountain
hot springs and geysers shooting spectrums
up from the origins of our being,
the moist soil that holds our home together,
connects every soul.

from whom did this feeling arise?
whose soul channeled through to me,
between narrow banks and shallow waters they traveled,
with this feeling so deep.
perhaps all awoke within the confines of my own skin.
but what a lonely way to begin.

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