Notes: Feed Your Brain – Vegetarian Times March 2013

How to preserve memory, now and forever:

– Low saturated fat!

– No trans fat (hydrogenated/partially)

– Just right amount of iron: beans, green leafy veges include non-heme iron which is more absorb-able when your body needs it and less so when it doesn’t. Cast iron can give unnecessarily.

Copper: three servings of veggies per day.

Vitamin E: spinach, mangoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds. 8 mg/day, which can be found in 1.5 oz almonds. helps neutralize free radicals

Folate, B12/6: chickpeas, bananas, potatoes. knock out toxin homocysteine

Berries: dark pigments helpful

– Sleep enough 🙂

EXERCISE: 40 minutes, 3 times/week. step/spin class, brisk walk, dance, sports, 


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