A list of feminist TED Talks (besides TEDxWomen)

When I tried to find feminist TED Talks, my search proved more tedious than I had expected.  Of course there are videos from the wonderful TEDxWomen, an annual conference “highlighting leading-edge innovators and powerful ideas from women and girls around the world – and a few men too.”  But this conference has only happened twice and I thought surely there are feminist Talks from before TEDxWomen, as well as outside the conference. There certainly are. And there are localized TEDxWomen events. I encourage you to seek all these videos out. 

Here’s my list of feminist TED Talks. This list is not comprehensive and I may add to or alter it over time. There are, after all, so very many TED Talks and not nearly enough time to watch them all.  I enjoyed some of these videos more than others – I imagine you’ll have a similar experience – so they’re in a very rough order based on how highly I recommend them.  Have anything to add? Do let me know in the comments! 


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